Course Selection & Schedules

Course Selection

Please take the time to thoroughly review the Curriculum Guide. Choosing classes is an important activity that should not be taken lightly. Take into consideration teacher and counselor recommendations, past performance, and future goals. Parents and students are encouraged to make careful decisions when selecting courses, as schedule changes are done on a very limited basis once school begins.

Current Trinity Catholic High School Students: Course selection for the following school year begins in the spring when school counselors review the Curriculum Guide and the course selection process with current freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Students are asked to complete their course selections through the Family Portal in FACTS using the grade level Course Guides. This will allow the students to submit preferred courses for the upcoming school year for Guidance Department and teacher approval. Teachers make recommendations for the next school year once students have submitted their course requests through the Family Portal. The school counselors will verify that students have met all course prerequisites and will make any necessary adjustments in any case where it is necessary.  All course selections and elective changes for both semesters of the following year are finalized by the spring.  It is imperative that students be fully prepared to attend the one-on-one course selection meeting with their counselor. Students must have researched options and college admission requirements, identified personal interests, and completed their course selections in the Family Portal.

Incoming Trinity Catholic High School Students: An informative meeting will be held each spring where students can meet individually with members of the guidance department to plan their schedule.

Florida Virtual or Non-Trinity Catholic Course Work: Students may not take courses for academic advancement (including summer school courses) outside of the Trinity Catholic High School program. Only in certain pre-approved circumstances are students permitted to enroll in a Virtual School course. Approval from Guidance prior to enrollment is required. Trinity Catholic does not guarantee a designated class period for virtual courses. No coursework completed under a tutor will be accepted for credit. Courses taken in middle school will receive Trinity Catholic High School credit but they will not be included in the students’ GPA. Florida private school students must provide proof of residency within the first 30 days of enrollment. Students receiving state funded scholarships will be responsible for the cost of FLVS courses. The current cost for a FLVS course is $267 per .05 credit.


Student Schedules:  Schedules may be changed during the first two weeks of school for the following reasons: course level too high or too low, or dislike of elective choice. Schedule changes are only possible if there is space available in the newly requested course. Schedules will not be changed for the following reasons: desire for a different teacher or desire for a different class section. Instructor permission may be required for a course change at the discretion of the Administration.

Curriculum Guide