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Summer RunnerImportant

Prior to tryouts or preseason workouts all requirements for participation must be completed. Please see the Requirements for Participation page for more information

FHSAA Sports

*Please contact your prospective coach concerning days and times for summer workouts



Bowling TBA 7/30/2018
Sideline Cheerleading Coach Scroble
Information Packet 6/4/2018
Boys & Girls Cross Country Coach Chitty 7/30/2018
Equestrian Coach Berman TBA
Football Coach Thomas 7/30/2018
Boys Golf Coach Wilson 7/30/2018
Girls Golf Coach Beef 7/30/2018
Boys & Girls Swimming Coach Ebey 7/30/2018
Volleyball Coach Reavis 7/30/2018



Boys Basketball Coach Villalobos 11/5/2018
Girls Basketball Coach Sims 10/29/2018
Competitive Cheer Coach Scroble 10/15/2018
Boys Soccer Coach Kind 10/22/2018
Girls Soccer Coach Johnson 10/22/2018
Boys & Girls Soccer Coach McGregor 10/22/2018
Girls Weighlifting Coach Sorrentino 10/8/2018



Baseball Coach Bond 2/11/2019
Flag Football Coach Bynum 1/28/2019
Boys Lacrosse Coach Porter 1/21/2018
Softball Coach Young 1/21/2018
Boys & Girls Tennis Coach Forrest 1/21/2018
Boys & Girls Track Coach Beef 1/21/2018
Sand Volleyball Coach Hamilton TBA
Boys Weightlifting Coach Sorrentino 1/7/2019

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