1:1 iPad Program

Purpose of Technology

At Trinity Catholic, we are facilitators of learning. We believe that technology can be a powerful tool for creating instructional experiences that are enriching, engaging, and can support a variety of learning styles that ultimately enhance the educational process.

Technology can allow accelerated students the ability to dive deeper into subjects, and it can provide quicker feedback and more individualized instruction to struggling students. It also allows students new ways to collaborate with each other and more ways than ever to express themselves.

Technology isn’t about replacing textbooks, it is about providing new and greater opportunities for all of our students so they develop relevant 21st century skills and an enduring passion for learning.

Our 1:1 Apple iPad Program

A one to one program is simply having one device for each student. After much evaluation, we chose Apple iPads as the device students will use. Each student is required to have an Apple iPad. The reasons for having one specific type of device are manageability, simplicity and efficiency.

Manageability, simplicity and efficiency are interrelated issues within the classroom. Teachers who use a single platform are better able to manage their classroom. This is because they can more efficiently handle basic tasks such as distributing and collecting assignments. The reduction in this wasted time allows us to have increased instruction time.

A single platform also allows us to give teachers the tools to make sure that students stay on task in class. These tools make a difference. Teachers can quickly move off-task behavior back to active learning. Having these tools helps to promote purposefulness in the classroom.

It is our commitment to purposefulness in the classroom that drives our continuing commitment to use iPads in the classroom.

Educational Pricing for Trinity Catholic Families

Trinity Catholic has partnered with Apple to make educational pricing and products available to Trinity Catholic Families.

Students are required to have a full sized iPad (not a mini). We recommend a minimum of 64GB of storage. More is better in the long run. IPad storage cannot be upgraded. 

For more information on the benefits of the Apple Family-Funded program click here

To get your discount, visit the Apple store at: www.Apple.com/edu/TrinityCatholic