Ways to Give

Each of us, whether we are alumni, parents, or friends of Trinity Catholic High School, shares the responsibility of continuing the Trinity Catholic traditions of God, Academics and Service. By making a donation, you inspire our students and give them the tools they need to succeed in today’s world. Your generosity keeps the vision of our founders and those who came before us strong. Invest in Trinity Catholic, and invest in the future.

Ways to support Trinity Catholic High School:

Gifts of Cash
A gift of cash (or check) is the simplest and most immediate way to give to Trinity Catholic High School. Cash gifts may be given outright or pledged. Checks should be made payable to Trinity Catholic High School. An unrestricted gift for the greatest needs of the school is of a particular benefit, but gifts may be designated for specific purposes.

Memorial Gifts
Gifts to remember or honor a relative or friend are a wonderful way to assist the school’s efforts. Acknowledgment will be made to the family of the deceased.
Chris Uhle Memorial Fund

You may wish to make your donations to Trinity Catholic in convenient monthly or quarterly installments. This is easily accomplished by using our secure online donation link on the website. You may have the installments processed through your credit card or bank account.

Gifts of Stock
Common stock or other securities are appropriate gifts to be transferred to the Trinity Catholic High School. Gifts of appreciated securities may interest donors who have held stock and have seen its value increase significantly. An outright gift of appreciated securities is exempt from capital gains tax and, in most cases, the full fair market value of the securities at the time of transfer can be claimed as a charitable gift deduction. For official tax purpose verification please check with your tax advisor.

Matching Gifts
Thousands of companies match gifts of employees to educational institutions. The donor fills out a form supplied by his or her company and sends it to Trinity Catholic along with his or her gift. Matching gifts are credited to the donors’ records; for example, a $500 gift accompanied by a matching-gift form from a company, which matches 1:1 will make a $1,000 gift from the donor.

A Bequest
A memorial gift can be outlined in your will or added as a codicil. This allows you to perpetuate your personal dedication and remember the good works of the Trinity Catholic High School.

You can leave:

  • A percentage of your estate
  • The residue of your estate
  • Identified property
  • A specific dollar amount

How can my gift make a difference?

Every gift — no matter what size – makes a difference!  Your generosity has an immediate effect. Gifts are added to the operating costs for the current year. What’s more your support encourages others to give and individuals and corporations who may be looking to support Trinity Catholic are reassured of the integrity of Trinity Catholic High School by our strong supporters in our community.