Jeans and Jerseys

Jeans & Jerseys Wrap Up:

Trinity Catholic High School is very grateful for the news that our annual Gala grossed over $75,000.  This was the most successful gala that we have had in recent years, and it is due to all of the support that we received.  There are many to thank but let me start with our Chair, Mrs. Danielle Leeds.  Her direction and guidance were instrumental to the success of this event.  Our Jeans and Jerseys steering committee worked tirelessly to make the event happen on a very short timetable, and they all have my deepest gratitude for their efforts.  Committee members include Mr. Tommy Bond, Mrs. Vicki Dubie, Mrs. Liza Fritz-Gerace, Mrs. Jami Brady, Mrs. Amy Crews, Mrs. Jessica Young, and Mrs. Linda Steer.  They were a great team!  We were blessed with many sponsors who believe in the mission of our school and were very generous. Please see them listed below and patronize their businesses when you can.  Thank you to everyone who donated items, services, or time to the auction or ticket drop; you made a big difference.  We would not have been able to pull this off without several volunteers including our own Student Ambassadors who stepped in at the event to help their own cause!  Finally, to all of you who attended the evening, my sincere thanks for your generosity and your comradery.  On September 14th, you, the Trinity Catholic community of supporters, helped to make our school a better place.  All of us who work at TC are grateful to you and hope to see you next fall at Jeans and Jerseys 2.

Live Jesus in our hearts . . . forever.

Lou Pereira