Welcome to Trinity Catholic High School

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    Preparation Focused

    Trinity Catholic High School is a rigorous college preparatory school. We have built a faculty that focuses on integrity, accountability, learning, and exceptionalism. We provide a mixture of advanced placement, dual enrollment and honors courses to ensure that every student is challenged in their areas of strength. Further, Trinity Catholic brings a unique mixture of professionals from the community to present courses such as Law, Anatomy and Aerospace.

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  • Making Disciples On and Off the Field

    Teams aren’t successful without cultures of accountability, tenacity, excellence, and perseverance.  Our coaches know this and expect it to be applied to all areas of our students’ lives.

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  • The Fine Arts

    Our souls find satisfaction in creating beauty.  We provide opportunities for students to make their world richer through canvas, instrument, and voice. With diligent teaching, our students are regularly recognized for their superior performances.

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  • Service that Never Ceases

    God simplified the law to two basic focuses:  loving Him with all that you have, and loving others as yourself.  Campus ministry seeks to develop ways for students to fulfill both of these.  They learn to love God by participating in adoration, worship and learning his word. They learn to love others by participating in and reflecting on service projects.

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Our Mission

Trinity Catholic High School,
a Christ-centered community,
provides students the opportunity
to deepen their relationship with God,
to excel academically,
and to commit to a life of service to others.

The Numbers Say it All