College Planning

College Planning

College planning begins when the student begins ninth grade. It is the expectation of both the school and families that each student will be preparing for college upon admittance to Trinity Catholic High School. 

Colleges and universities vary in their entrance requirements. Therefore, students should familiarize themselves with the requirements of the college or university they may be considering. It is important that this be kept in mind when selecting courses throughout high school. Students should select challenging courses based upon ability and prior academic performance. 

It is the responsibility of the students and their parents to become familiar with the number of academic credits, the GPA, SAT and ACT scores required for entrance into colleges and universities. The Guidance Department provides opportunities for parents and students to become aware of the best way to prepare for college. Guidance will meet with seniors through Religion classes to review the application process. In addition, Guidance will conduct a College Counseling Meeting with each individual senior during fall semester. Refer to the school calendar to plan ahead on attending the evening sessions for parents. 

College Application Process

  1. Gather materials and create binder or spreadsheet to keep track of the application process.
    • Copy of transcript
    • List of activities, community service, leadership positions, work experience
    • ACT/SAT test scores and dates taken
    • Academic honors and achievements
    • Parent information
    • Create a non-TCHS email address specifically for the application process
  2. Create Common Application and Log into Naviance accounts
    • Common App 
    • If you forget your Naviance username and/or password or you do not have an account please see Guidance.
  3. Add Colleges to your Common App account.
  4. Match your Common App and Naviance accounts (transcripts cannot be sent unless this step is completed) – Common App Account Matching Guide 
  5. If you need Teacher recommendations, please stop by Guidance for a Brag Sheet. Complete each section, make copies and give them to the teacher(s) you have asked to be references. Teachers will need at least 2 full weeks in order to write and submit transcripts through Naviance. Make sure you have personally asked the teacher prior to this request. Naviance Recommendation Guide
  6. Counselor Recommendations need to be requested by email to your Guidance Counselor. You must also provide a copy of your Brag Sheet at least 2 full weeks before the college deadline. 
  7. If you need to write a college essay, determine if you need to use a Common App essay, institutional essay or both. College Essay resources:
  8. Determine if you need a transcript sent to your college or if you need to complete the Self-reported Student Academic Record (SSAR). Most Florida Public Institutions will use the SSAR (UCF uses SPARK). If you need a transcript sent to a college, you must make the request through Naviance. 
  9. If applicable, request ACT Scores or SAT Scores be sent to your colleges. NCAA code: 9999 –  NAIA code: 9876
  10. If applicable, create a resume of your activities, community service, work experience, leadership positions, and academic honors. Naviance Resume Builder Guide