Virtual School Information

Virtual School Basics

Virtual school at Trinity Catholic is very similar to being at school in person. Virtual students are expected join class meetings during the normal class time, participate in class, and be in uniform. Virtual classes are just an extension of a normal classroom and normal teaching.

To make this possible we are using the Microsoft Teams platform. Each class has a team meeting setup for that day. A few ways that teachers may share class are: a live feed of lecture, presenting documents or powerpoints, sharing videos, or demonstrating using document cams. Teachers wear neckbands that have both a microphone and speakers built in so that they can hear students at home and students will be able to hear them clearly as well. The object is to make virtual class as close to being there as possible.

Demonstration videos for students that are just getting started:

How to join a Teams Meeting
How to add a Teams Meeting to Your Calendar
How to delete cancelled Teams Meetings from your Calendar
How to hide old Teams so they don’t become cluttered

If you are having any technical issues with virtual learning both Mrs. Pringle and Mr. Guertler are available to help. Besides emails, students are also encouraged to use the Teams platform to reach out to us.