Buy Scrip and Eliminate Your TCHS Fees!

When we hear the word “fundraising” most of us think of having to purchase or sell raffle tickets, coupons, and merchandise we didn’t really need.  Scrip fundraising is completely different. With Scrip, you earn money when you spend it at dozens of places that you already shop such as Walmart, Publix, Shell, Walgreens, Zaxbys and more.

What is Scrip?

Scrip is using prepaid gift cards bought from Great Lakes Scrip Center in place of cash, checks, or credit cards.

How does Scrip work?

The Celtic Scrip program purchases scrip from Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount of 2-25%.  You purchase scrip from the Celtic Scrip program at face value and use it for your everyday purchases.  The total revenue generated from the discount the Celtic Scrip program paid and what you paid is split between you and the program.  Every time you buy Scrip you earn credit toward any balances you have at TCHS.  This includes registration, funded depreciation, tech fees, fines, or other dues.

How to get started using Celtic Scrip

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