But I gave up cookies for Lent!

Trinity Catholic Celtic Scrip Program Newsletter

But I gave up cookies for Lent! And other reasons we say “No” to fundraising

Lets face it, all of us at have one time or another have found a reason to turn down somebody selling cookies or asking for money. No judging here, but we have our reasons.

Is it just me, or do the Girl Scouts appear at every corner with their irresistible cookies during Lent – determined to make me break my promise of no sweets? One girl, no doubt a future CEO, conveniently mentioned that I could freeze the cookies and they would be perfectly delicious on Easter Sunday. Take my money, you win.

While Girl Scout cookies are everyone’s weakness, there are times when we feel we’re throwing money at our children’s fundraiser just to help them meet a sales goal. Then came scrip. Around 16 years ago, a very enthusiastic BT mom announced during Mass that we were going to fundraise without selling through a program called Scrip. Families could reduce their children’s tuition, raise money for trips, fund new equipment for the school… I know – it almost sounds fishy. Bear with me, it’s a simple process.

The school purchases gift cards and certificates at a discount to stores and services that you use normally. The difference in what the school paid and the face value that you paid is profit. It started off slowly, but in five years families embraced the concept and they were reducing their fees AND the school was able to purchase vans, playground equipment, and flooring.

Fast forward to TC in 2019. We are back to, “What is scrip?” If you just registered your student you realize there are many fees: Technology $375, Funded Depreciation $250, Registration $450, etc. Scrip today makes a lot of sense (and cents). In the next few weeks I would like to highlight some of the benefits of participating in the Celtic Scrip program.

Please contact us at to see not only how you can eliminate some of these fees, but also assist students in need, just by shopping. We would also love to hear how you use scrip.

I plan on eliminating fees not cookies. Samoas and Thin Mints, please.

Betsy DeClerk, Celtic Scrip Co-Coordinator