Mid-term Exams

Mid-Term week is fast approaching! The following information serves as your exam schedule and a list of answers to FAQs to get you through that week.
Tuesday, 12/12 Block A and B exams
Wednesday, 12/13 Block C and D exams
Thursday, 12/14 Block E and F exams
Friday, 12/15 Block G and make-up exams
8-8.05 (Prayer, pledge)
8.05- 9.35 (1st exam) – 90 minutes
9.35- 9.50 (break) – 15 minutes
9.55- 11.25 (2nd exam) – 90 minutes

1. If a student only has one exam on any given day they need only to be present for that exam; they can leave after the first exam or they can arrive prior to the second exam.
2. Exams cannot be rescheduled to a different time-period during the week. Students have the opportunity to take a missed exam on Friday the 15th beginning at 9.55 at no charge.
3. Students that miss an exam, as well as the make-up time-slot, will be charged $50 per exam missed and will sit for it when we return to school in January.
4. Small breakfast items will be available each morning at no charge to students.
5. There will be supervision for 30 minutes prior to and 30 minutes after scheduled exam times. Individual transportation arrangements must be made to accommodate the early dismissal time.
6. Buses will be running during exam week but details on departure times will be forthcoming.
7. Uniforms are required during exam week. Backpacks are not needed.

The administrative team wishes all of you a blessed Christmas season!